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Miles and Morsels is a blog dedicated to food and travel and it truly is a family effort.

  We strongly believe in supporting the local community and we demonstrate this by sourcing as much of our food as possible from local purveyors and when we do venture out of our kitchen, it is to visit restaurants that do the same.

  We strongly believe that a family who has dinner together nightly is a stronger family.  Food not only nourishes our bodies but it nourishes our minds.  We talk about it.  We laugh over it.  We cook together as much as possible. We explore.

   Travel is a family hobby and we are always searching for the next adventure.  Travel, for us, is to expand our horizons, to create an experience and to bond together as a family.

Miles and Morsels is available to review the following:

      • Accommodations such as B&Bs, hotels, resorts, tents
      • Attractions
      • Tours such as culinary, walking
      • Cooking products
      • Restaurants
 All reviews will be of my own opinion and a disclaimer will be included in any blogpost.

Contact me at for more information.

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