Monday, February 6, 2017

Slider competition: His vs. Mine

Cate is on a school trip to Canada with the World Language Club with her school.  We are hoping that she actually speaks French during the trip; she has told us that her teacher is only speaking French to her.  What does she speak back? She seems to be having a fabulous time.  Yesterday, she asked to adopt this Huski.   There used to be a Canadian comedy show that we watched and in a skit a customer asked the travel agent if he/she could be routed a certain way.  The agent punched in various keys into her computer...waited...and then said, "The computer says no."  I wondered if Cate remembered the show as she saw it as a 4th grader.  So my response was, "The computer says "No."  ' Her response, "The computer has a virus."

While we will not watch the Super Bowl tonight...who wants to see the Patriots...we did plan a very fun meal.  After hearing that Arby's has this great 7-slider menu, we decided to create our own Slider Night.  Jamie took on three sliders and I took on the other 3.  While we deemed it a competition, they were all so delicious...from the upscale to the was a great amount of fun for yet, another dreary day.

So, Jamies:  (1) Bologna, (2) Buffalo Chicken, (3) Fried Chicken

(1) So simple:  Get the best quality bologna and Duke's mayo.  Nuke the bread for 10 seconds to soften; slather may and then several slices of bologna.  Heaven.
(2) Buffalo:  Bake a few Tyson's chicken strips according to directions.  Slather the inside of each bun with butter.  Mix together the Chicken and Frank's Red Hot in a bowl.   Place on bread and sprinkle a bit of blue cheese dressing.
(3) Fried Chicken:  Slather the bun with butter and mayo; top with chicken strips and American Cheese.  

Mine:  (1) Italian, (2) French, (3) New England

(1)  Italian:  Maple Ham, American Cheese, Tomato, Hard Salami, Swiss Cheese, mayo...cover in foil and heat for several minutes.
(2) French:  Spread Dijon mustard on one side of bread.  Top with turkey, thin slices of brie cheese and green apple.  Cover in foil and heat for several minutes.
(3) New England:  For one slider, boil one 3-oz lobster tail.  Drain and cool.  Combine 1T mayo, 1T chopped celery, 1/2 tsp chives and 1/2 t lemon juice.  Season with salt, pepper and cayenne.  Brush to top of a warmed slider roll with melter butter; place the lobster mixture on the bottom bun and cover with top.

There were no winners...they were both so good.  Great idea for when the family is together again...but also thinking of a food truck...what would we name it???


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