Saturday, February 11, 2017

Pizza: Friday Night Comfort Food

     It is Friday night and I am all least for the next 75 minutes.   Happy hour was spent prepping Cate for a Physics exam, which she has on Monday.  No one should have to study on a Friday evening but with two major exams on Monday and a weekend full of events, she felt (ok...I felt...or maybe we felt?) that some studying had to be done this afternoon after school.  Her reward...spending the evening at a friend's house.  My

     I won't complain about being somewhat exhausted.  Jamie is currently on a 9 hour flight sitting next to a three year old.  His flight was delayed almost 90 minutes because there were pieces of luggage on the plane but no one could find the owners...He will arrive in the Ivory Coast around 4:00 am our time and as usual, I will have my phone close by waiting for the arrival text.  

     But back to the pizza...My family will tell you that I lost my pizza mojo when we moved to Europe.  I think I have written about it in earlier posts.  Sometimes, it seems to come back but it really doesn't.  Mainly, it is because I cannot find a good crust.  I have tried to make my own, have paid outrageous amounts to buy crust from pizza joints, have purchased store-bought crust...nothing really works.  Then a few weeks ago, I found a dough kit at the local grocery store from a local Italian company.  It claimed that the flour was "OO" which I had read was the flour to use.  The kit came with a bag of flour and the apportioned amount of yeast.  All I had to do was add water, knead for a few minutes and set aside for the dough to rise.

     It was super simple and actually came out pretty well.  I have enough dough for several more pizzas so I think I will give it another try next Friday night.  Perhaps Cate and I can have a Pizza Night.

     But what gave me back my pizza mojo was not the crust...but the topping.  Actually, it wasn't the topping; it was the cheese mixture.  Who knew that Mozzarella could have so much flavor?  I made a cheese pizza and then topped with my favorite:  Prosciutto and Arugula.  I sat at the kitchen bar with a glass of wine and, in total silence, read a recent New Yorker magazine article on Anthony Bourdain and almost devoured the entire pie.

You have to give this a may never go back to red tomato sauce...or maybe you could incorporate the that is an idea.  Got to run...I have 45 minutes left of silence!

Cheese Topping for Pizza

8 oz Mozzarella cheese
2T buttermilk
2T heavy cream
2T grated Parmesan cheese
Black Pepper

1.  Take 4 oz of cheese and cube it.  Place in a small bowl.
2.  Take the other 4 oz and thinly dice.  Place in a small food processor along with the remaining ingredients.  Process until it is a thick paste.  Add it to the bowl with the cubed cheese.
3.  Spread the mixture over a pizza crust.  Take care not to add too much or the cheese will melt over the crust of the pizza like mine did...but in the end...I liked it that way.
4.  Cook according to directions.
5.  Cool slightly, slice and then add Prosciutto and Arugula.  If you have some Balsamic Glaze...that is even better.


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