Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Continuing the Asia Trip at Home: Seared Tuna Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette

     I will admit that I did not eat a salad such as this one while in Asia. However, one takeaway from our two week adventure was how light the food is in both Korea and Japan.  One of the aspects of travel that I love is that I can learn about different food cultures and when I am back at home, try to replicate a few foods or ideas.  It sounds crazy but I have started having rice and miso soup for breakfast!  When we returned home, my radishes were ready so I took the whole crop and quickly pickled them.  They go very well with my morning rice.  And...I continue to use chopsticks!!     

     Now that we are back and Summer is in full swing, we are trying to cook less and have more salads, fruits and vegetables.  Last night, I made this salad...super easy and is really flavorful.  To round out the meal, I took some local snap peas and sautéed them briefly in olive oil.  I placed them in a bowl in the middle of the table along with some seasonal fruit.  It was light and delicious.

Seared Tuna Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette
Inspired by Eric Ripert


Several small tuna filets
Salt and Pepper
1 T canola oil
Salad greens
4 leaves basil, chiffonade
4 leaves mint, chiffonade
6 leaves cilantro, chiffonade
1T finely diced ginger
2T finely diced shallots
2T sherry vinegar
4T canola oil
1T soy sauce
1/2 t fresh lime juice

1.  Make the salad dressing:  Combine the ginger, shallots in a bowl and whisk in the vinegar, oil, soy sauce and lime juice.  Set aside.
2.  Make the salad:  Combine the lettuce greens with the herbs.  Place a small mound of the greens on each plate. I also used edible flowers which added another flavor component.
3.  Make the tuna:  Heat 1T canola oil in a pan over high heat.  Season both sides of the tuna with salt and pepper.  Saute the tuna for approximately 45 seconds on each side.  Slice the tuna into thin slices and place on top of the salad.
4.  Drizzle the vinaigrette over the salad.


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