Friday, March 18, 2016

Pork Ramblings: Day 1

Say, for the sake of a simple example, someone told you that when you were engrossed in a television show, you would vigorously tap your left foot.  "What are you talking about?  I don't do that," you would undoubtedly protest.  Then a little later as you are watching tv, you glance down and sure enough...there is your tapping foot.

On two different occasions, my sister-in-law has told me that we cook with a lot of bacon.  I am lucky that she reads this blog and she indicated one afternoon, that I have bacon in a lot of my recipes.  Then, she expanded her thought at a recent brunch..."You eat a lot of pork."  "What are you talking about?  We don't eat a lot of bacon.   I don't have a lot of recipes with bacon in them.  We don't eat a lot of pork," I protest...just a little...because suddenly then, I realize...she's right!

It is appropriate that for my first paid writing gig, the focus of my article would be...bacon.  On a sleepless evening, troll through Google and search for a beautiful magazine called Edible Piedmont.  Find the Spring 2016 issue.  "Road Trip to Bacon Heaven" centers on my trip to Benton's Country Hams located near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Clearly I am in a state of hog bliss.  I was paid for writing about one of my favorite foods!  While I do not have a hard copy of the article, I am clogging up the Internet by heading over the site several times a day to digitally scroll over to the page which contains my by-line. I HAVE A BY-LINE!

So, in celebration I plan to write about pork until I run out of ideas.  I may lose a loyal reader but it must be done.

Stay tuned for my homage to pork!

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