Monday, August 31, 2015

A Nice Way To Spend A Summer Afternoon: PNC Park

The beautiful skyline of Pittsburgh

Location Today:  Pittsburgh, PA - mentally and physically
What I am cooking:  Beet chips, Beet Hummus, Borscht and Banana Bread (that's a lot of B's)
Upcoming Recipe on Thursday:  Pepper Jelly

     You may find it a little strange but each time I drive into the city, I feel happy.  From my normal route, I round the bend and the city reaches up and greets me.  On the odd occasion when I come through the tunnel, BAM!  The skyline of the city slams right into me and it takes my breath away each time.  Others may take it for granted but hopefully, I never will.  You cannot have a better vantage point for viewing the city than from PNC Park, home to the city's baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Recently, on one warm summer day, we were able to take in the view from a completely empty park and it was an incredible experience.

We met our young guide just inside the administrative offices of the Pirates and began our hour long tour of the stadium.  A new college graduate, this young man was living his dream...working for his favorite baseball team and his enthusiasm for the game, the team and the city was infectious.  We started beneath the stadium viewing the inner workings of the massive facility.  The team locker room is one of the biggest and nicest in the league.  We went all the way to the top where we sat in the press box and imagined what it must be like to "call" the game.  But the most impressive?  We went down on the field and sat in the dugout.  Now, that is a view!

      I never watch baseball on television.  I have a basic understanding of the game but no true love of it.  However, on a clear summer afternoon (if it isn't too hot and if the team is doing well), I think there is no better way to enjoy the day than to be part of the crowd at PNC Park cheering on the Bucs and gazing at the city's beautiful architecture.  And to bring a bit of Europe back to us, we visit The Beer Market across the street where they have an extensive collection of our favorite Belgian beers!

This weeks' CSA Plan:
Tomatoes:  Panzanella Salad made with last night's leftover baguette
Cherry Tomatoes:  On the counter to snack on throughout the week...if they last that long!
Leeks:   Leeks Vinaigrette to accompany a Roasted Chicken on Wednesday
Spaghetti Squash:  I am thinking of adding marinara and baking it with some mozzarella
Beets:  We have lots of I made several wonderful dishes which surprised everyone!
Zucchini:  In our  daily lunch salads

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